Data Overview

Transform-DBS researchers have obtained participants' informed consent to share this data and all data is de-identified within the meaning of the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations to protect participant confidentiality.

The data from the TRANSFORM-DBS project will be made available to the scientific community on a rolling basis through periodic releases.This project acquires electrophysiology (local field potential and single unit recordings), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and electroencephalography (EEG) data.  Raw data are made available in the following formats:

 Experimental Modality  File Format
 Electrophysiology  Plexon, Alpha Omega, Blackrock, Intan
(Conversion to Neurodata Without Borders HDF5 format is upcoming)

Data Description
Data sets are stored at the level of a “run”, defined to be one set of data of the same type, acquired simultaneous or contiguous in time, for a specific purpose.  The data from a single run may consist of any number of files, from a single file all the way up to hundreds of files.  We store the data in zip-formatted archives and include files necessary either to understand the data (e.g., annotation files in the case of electrophysiology data) or that complete the data set (e.g., a behavioral response file accompanying data acquired while the subject performed a given task).

Anonymous Users
The data is searchable by unregistered users, so potential users can determine whether the repository contains data of interest.  For anonymous users however, the amount of metadata returned in the search is limited and there is no option to download the data available.

We also offer the ability to share the results of a search with others though the creation of a Shared Search.  A Shared Search is a stored link to a specific data set created by a user.  For example, one can search for all females ages 20-40 years who have performed the Multi-Source Interference Task (MSIT) task during an MEG scan, select a specific number of data sets (or search for “all”) and then save the data that is returned as a Shared Search.  This function is useful if one wishes to share a specific set of data with another user, one that won’t change if the search is performed again at a later time.  Shared Searches created by anonymous users are available to all users.

Registered Users
To become a registered user, please create a user account by clicking on the “User Login/Register” link above and selecting “Create new account”.  Registered users can 1) see the complete metadata record of each data set returned from a search, 2) create private Shared Searches, and 3) have access to the “Download Data” feature. Registered users can also sign-up for notifications regarding data modifications and corrections.

To download data, we provide a Data Access Request form that asks for minimal information, which is only to be used for our funding reporting purposes.  Upon approval you will be able to select data and download it from the Cart using the “Download Data” button and will be directed to our Data Use Agreement.  The text of our Data Use Agreement is available here.

Due to the potential large size, TRANSFORM-DBS uses Globus Connect Personal for data downloads.  Information on Globus and their free client is here