DICOM Variables

TermsValue RepresentationsDefinition
Accession NumberSHA departmental IS generated number that identifies the order for the Imaging Service Request.
Accessory CodeLOAn identifier for the accessory intended to be read by a device such as a bar-code reader.
Acquisition ContrastCSIndication of acquisition contrast used with frames in the SOP Instance.
Acquisition DateDAThe date the acquisition of data that resulted in this image started
Acquisition DatetimeDTThe date and time that the acquisition of data that resulted in this image started. Note: The synchronization of this time with an external clock is specified in the Synchronization Module in Acquisition Time Synchronized (0018,1800).
Acquisition Device Type Code SequenceSQDescribes the type of acquisition device. A single item shall be present in the sequence.
Acquisition DurationFDThe time in seconds needed to run the prescribed pulse sequence. Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 1 is ORIGINAL or MIXED. May be present otherwise.
Acquisition MatrixUSDimensions of the acquired frequency /phase data before reconstruction. Multi-valued: frequency rows\frequency columns\phase rows\phase columns.
Acquisition NumberISA number identifying the single continuous gathering of data over a period of time that resulted in this image.
Acquisition Start ConditionCSDescription of how the data collection was started. Acquisition Start Condition (0018,0073) is the method of starting acquisition data collection
Acquisition Start Condition DataISCount density, change in count density, or physiological triggers causing data collection to start.
Acquisition Termination ConditionCSDescription of how the data collection was stopped.
Acquisition Termination Condition DataISDescription of how the data collection for the series was stopped.
Acquisition TimeTMThe time the acquisition of data that resulted in this image started
Acquisition Time SynchronizedCSAcquisition Datetime (0008,002A) synchronized with external time reference.
Acquisitions in StudyISNumber of image data acquisitions used in performing the study
Active Source DiameterDSDiameter of active Source (mm).
Active Source LengthDSLength of active Source (mm).
Actual Human Performers SequenceSQThe list of current human performers that are actually involved or responsible for performing the Workitem. Zero or more Items may be included in this sequence. Note: Initially this list will be empty. A list of entries may be created at the status tran
Additional Patient HistoryLTAdditional information about the patient"s medical history
Administration Route Code SequenceSQSequence that identifies the Administration Route. This sequence shall contain exactly one item.
Admission IDLOIdentification number of the visit as assigned by the healthcare provider
Admitting DateDAThe date the patient was admitted.
Admitting Diagnoses Code SequenceSQA sequence that conveys the admitting diagnosis (diagnoses). One or more Items may be included in this Sequence.
Admitting Diagnoses DescriptionLODescription of the admitting diagnosis (diagnoses)
Admitting TimeTMThe time the patient was admitted.
Air Kerma Rate Reference DateDAReference date of Reference Air Kerma Rate (300A,022A) of Isotope.
Air Kerma Rate Reference TimeTMReference time of Air Kerma Rate (300A,022A) of Isotope.
Allow Lossy CompressionCSA code the signals whether lossy compression is allowed.
Allow Media SplittingCSA code the signals whether media splitting is allowed.
Alternate Representation SequenceSQTBD
Anatomic Region Modifier SequenceSQSequence that refines the anatomic region of interest in this image. Required if Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence (0008,2228) is not sent. Only a single Item shall be permitted in this Sequence.
Anatomic Region SequenceSQSequence that identifies the anatomic region of interest in this image. Only a single Item shall be permitted in this Sequence.
Anatomic StructureCSTBD (retired)
Anatomic Structure Space or Region SequenceSQAnatomic structure, space or region that has been exposed to ionizing radiation. The sequence may have zero or one Items.
Anchor PointFLLocation of a point in the image or Specified Displayed Area to which the Unformatted Text Value (0070,0006) is related, in Anchor Point Annotation Units (0070,0004), given as column\row. Column is the horizontal offset and row is the vertical offset. Req
Anchor Point Annotation UnitsCSUnits of measure for the axes of the text anchor point annotation.
Anchor Point VisibilityCSFlag to indicate whether or not a visible indication (such as a line or arrow) of the relationship between the text and the anchor point is to be displayed. Required if Anchor Point (0070,0014) is present.
Angio FlagCSAngio Image Indicator. Primary image for Angio processing.
Angle NumberISTBD (retired)
Angular PositionDSTBD (retired)
Angular StepDSThe angular scan arc step between views of the TOMO acquisition, in degrees.
Angular View VectorUSAn array which contains the angular view number for each frame. Required if the value of the Frame Increment Pointer (0028,0009) includes the Tag for Angular View Vector (0054,0090).
Annotation FlagCSTBD (retired)
Annotation Group NumberUSNumber identifying associated annotations
Anode Target MaterialCSThe primary material in the anode of the X-Ray source.
Applicable Frame RangeUSEach pair of numbers in this multivalued attribute specify a beginning and ending frame number inclusive of a range where this particular mask operation is valid. Discontinuous ranges are represented by multiple pairs of numbers. Frames in a Multiframe Im
Applicable Safety Standard AgencyCSAgency that established MR safety standard applicable to the acquisition of this Instance.
Applicable Safety Standard DescriptionLOName and Version of the applicable standard.
Application Setup CheckCSResults of check-wire travel through all channels of current Application Setup.
Application Setup ManufacturerLOManufacturer of Application Setup.
Application Setup NameLOUser-defined name for Application Setup.
Application Setup NumberISIdentification number of the Application Setup. The value of Application Setup Number (300A,0234) shall be unique within the RT Plan in which it is created.
Application Setup SequenceSQIntroduces sequence of Application Setups for current RT Plan. One or more items may be included in this sequence.
Application Setup TypeCSType of Application Setup.
Applicator DescriptionLOUser-defined description for Applicator.
Applicator IDSHUser or machine supplied identifier for Applicator. Required if Applicator Sequence (300A,0107) is sent.
Applicator SequenceSQIntroduces sequence of Applicators associated with Beam. Only a single item shall be permitted in this sequence.
Applicator TypeCSType of Applicator. Required if Applicator Sequence (300A,0107) is sent.
ArbitraryLTTBD (retired)
Attached ContoursISList of Contour Number (3006,0048) defining lower-numbered contour(s) to which the current contour is connected.
Attenuation Correction MethodLOA textual description of the attenuation correction processing. e.g. measured vs. calculated, transmission source type (ring, line, point), assumed patient geometry (polygon, ellipse, segmented, attenuation coefficient, skull thickness), post-injection tr
Authorization Equipment Certification NumberLOThe certification number issued to the Application Entity that set the SOP Instance Status (0100,0410) to AO.
Average Pulse WidthDSAverage width of X-Ray pulse in msec.
Axial AcceptanceDSMaximum axial angle accepted, in degrees.
Axial MashISNumber of adjacent axial lines of response mashed together.
Axis UnitsSHUnits of measure for the axes. Axis Units (50xx,0030) are the units of measure for the axes. One value for each dimension. The order for the units is the same as the dimensions for the curve data in Curve Data (50xx,3000).