Metadata Overview

Metadata is data that describes data.  The TRANSFORM-DBS project is committed to providing users a rich set of metadata to aid in the reuse of this data.  We work with the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility's (INCF) Workgroup on Standards for Data Sharing to create data models and domain-specific lexicons for this project and we reuse extant work where possible.  We are committed to making this work public, both through this website and through national efforts such as Neurolex, an NIH-funded effort lexicon of terms related to the brain.

For imaging modalities such as MRI and MEG, there are standard formats (DICOM and FIFF, respectively) and we release data in those formats.  In addition, we also follow ongoing efforts to standardize data formats in fields such as electrophysiology in which standards have not yet taken hold.  We currently release data in vendor-specific formats, but are working towards releases of data in HDF5 format.

We are also committed to working with users to improve our metadata reporting based on user experiences and comments.  Please contact if you have any questions or comments on the handling of metadata.