The TRANSFORM-DBS project is committed to providing a rich set of data and accompanying metadata for use by the scientific community.  On this website is you will be able to find information about the project, search our data collection and use resources that will aid in your understanding of that data.  Our goal is to provide the data in a format that will allow for seamless re-use.  This means that not only will the data itself be available, but information that describes the data will be available.  For example, we store full image header information and provide lexicons that define the terms used to describe the data.  In this way, we hope to aid future users of the data in both reuse and experiment replicability.

In this section you will find a constantly expanding set of resources.  Under “Data” you will find an overview of the Data, as well as a copy of our Data Use Agreement and Information on how to gain access to the Data.  Under “Metadata” you will find Data Dictionaries for each data type and for the terms used to define the experimental parameters and the demographic information.  In the latter case, we are committed to contributing to international efforts to standardize metadata for neuroimaging and electrophysiology experiments and will reuse standards already in place where applicable.